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About Us – Pak Tat Asia Industrial Limited
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About Us

Pak Tat, established in 2010, is the largest tableware showroom in Hong Kong covering an area of 5,000 feet. Our product lines include Ceramic Tableware, Melamine Tableware, Glazed Tableware, Japanese Style Tableware and Glassware; in a total of over 30,000 products are displayed in our showroom. We have 3 manufacturing bases which are located In Chaozhou, Guangzhou and Nanjin, China. Providing high quality products and services, our company has earned reputation in catering industry in the past few years. We cooperated with more than 20 worldwide tableware brands and covered our business successfully in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand etc.In Pak Tat, every ware is polished by craftsman’s craftsmanship, supervised by the technological system, only to give each customer satisfying tableware and pleasing services. We have confidence on Delicate Pak Tat, is for your delicate appetite. With continual pursuit in details, advance in core value, our tableware gives double feasts of sight and taste to our customers, added brilliance to many extraordinary delicacies’ splendor in the world and enhance life quality among our customers. With passion and conviction, our company will keep working on our best and provide the world more exquisite tableware.